As per social media standards, gym life is the only life but not everyone who wants to work out wants to work out at the gym. There’s a stigma surrounding home workouts, and skepticism over whether training in your living room can yield results, which is pretty ridiculous.

It’s just like legendary fitness instructor, Denise Wilcox, once said: “Your muscles don’t know if they’re in a fancy home or gym.”

“I started doing in-home workouts because I felt intimidated at the gym — and I was an athlete my whole life,” fitness trainer, athlete, author, and social media influencer, Katie Austin, tells Elite Daily. “I didn’t want people looking at me working out, judging me, etc., and so I turned to in home workouts. I felt comfortable working out in my own home.”

These are the best free and under 20 minutes workout videos on youtube. Make sure you save this post so that you can work out every day from home.

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