Apart from other Bollywood actresses, Parineeti Chopra has always been fair about her fitness journey. She’s one of those very few actors who worked hard to become fit and make their way to the glamorous world.

While some people praised her dedication, others criticized her for carrying out a negative message on body image. However, the actor says these judgments don’t affect her.

“I feel no pressure to look a certain way,” says Parineeti Chopra in an interview to IANS. She adds, “You can’t always pay attention to what people are talking about you. If you do, you will get into a vicious circle. You have to feel good, you have to feel fit. Fitness is extremely subjective and that’s the fun of it,”

Speedo India approached Parineeti to be the brand’s fitness ambassador and she did full justice to the role.

A few years back Parineeti shook her fans with her dramatic weight loss. She went from a size 38 to size 30 with a dedicated fitness regime for a year.

She further adds, “Fitness is all about challenging yourself — every single day, every single training session. If it doesn’t give you the rush, the thrill, you will get bored. I look for something new, something to push my physical boundaries every single day.”

Parineeti also likes spending a lot of time working out different areas of her body. Though she’s not a big fan of gyms and structured workouts, she likes to mix it up.

I opt for mixed workouts so that I didn’t get bored of doing just one thing. I love dancing for an hour or two. I often go for a swim or practise Kalaripayattu (a form of martial arts from Kerala), with the help of my trainer. I hit the gym once in a while. It’s important to be consistent, stay active and sweat it out,” she says in an interview to Times Of India.

The leading actress follows a strict diet but with cheat days to keep her progress on track. Want to follow Parineeti’s footsteps towards a fitter you? Her mantra is: do what you love, love what you do.