Interesting Facts about Weight Loss

  1. During the 19th century, a diet called “Fletcherism” became popular. Introduced by American Horace Fletcher (“the Great Masticator”), the diet promoted chewing a bite of food at least 32 times or until it was turned into liquid. He explained his method of eating could help people avoid disease and lose weight.
  2. Elvis Presley was famously a fan of the “Sleeping Beauty Diet,” or a diet where a person is sedated for days at time. The reasoning behind the diet was that a sleeping person wouldn’t eat.
  3. According to a University of Minnesota study, people in disorganized work-spaces are more likely to choose unhealthy snacks.
  4. A recent study found that eating dark chocolate in moderate amounts is associated with lower levels of abdominal fat. Scientists speculate that the antioxidants may help fight inflammation and improve metabolic functioning.
  5. Studies found those who suffered from severe ear infections had a more difficult time losing weight.
  6. According to the journal Obesity, paying for meals with cash increases the likelihood someone will buy more healthful food.
  7. According to the journal Appetite, people who said that eating cake makes them feel guilty were less successful at losing weight while people who viewed eating cake as enjoyable were more successful.
  8. In 2012, Americans spent over $60 billion per year dieting. This is up from $58.6 billion in 2008.
  9. Google did an experiment with M&Ms at their headquarters. When they put the candy in containers instead of out in the open, people ate 3 million fewer pieces within one month’s time.
  10. Shopping while hungry makes people not only buy more food, it also makes them buy more junk food.
  11. Regularly smelling peppermint may help decrease hunger and, consequently, caloric intake. Researchers believe the strong scent is distracting and helps keeps a person’s mind off of their appetite.
  12. The word “obese” is from the Latin obesus, or “having eaten until fat.”
  13. People who have candy on or in their desk reported weighing 15.4 more pounds than those who didn’t.