Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan joined the film industry only last year and earned her spurs with her debut film Kedarnath and the blockbuster Simmba with Ranveer Singh. However, it didn’t come easy for the Starkid who weighed over 90 kilograms before making her debut. She has spoken about her struggles with PCOD in different platforms that led to her excessive weight gain.

“I went to Columbia for four years and at the end of the second year, I decided that I want to act, like I said I have always known, but that realization coincided with the weigh scale saying that I’m 96 kilos. So, it was a bit difficult. Then it was the senior year of college in America itself that I lost the weight,” says Sara.

Sara’s lifestyle was loaded with a lot of junk foods with no physical activity and a hormonal imbalance issue which altogether resulted in her to weight around 96 kgs.

If you”re planning to lose weight, you need to make some healthy changes to your diet or committing to a diet plan can help. To help you get started, here are some tips that worked for the Starkid.


The fact is that her weight loss journey hasn’t been an easy one or did not happen overnight. Sara worked hard to shed those extra pounds and get those fab abs, making her Bollywood dream come true.

  • She works 6 days a week which mostly include a lot of Cardio, Pilates and other body-weight exercises.
  • She runs on a treadmill while listening to Bollywood songs.
  • Zero consumption of any milk or dairy products on most of the days but for some time she has low-fat greek yogurt for post-workout.
  • Zero sugar.
  • She does not consume carbs as well in her diet (Most of the time when she is working but the days off she goes with some portion of a complex carbohydrates)
  • Sara Ali khan consumes egg whites and chicken breast throughout the day for her breakfast, lunch, and dinner with some vegetables along with it.
  • One scoop of whey protein with low-fat greek yogurt and a bit of coffee in it as her post-workout but most of the time she remains on high protein and low carb diet and has a cheat meal or day once in a week.

All in all, she is hardworking and consistent with her diet and workouts which made her lose a lot of weight and be so fit as she is.