HOW TO Start EXERCISE? You’ve decided it’s time to start exercising. Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step on your way to a new and improved body and mind

“Exercise is the magic pill,” says Michael R. Bracko, EdD, FACSM, chairman of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Consumer Information Committee. “Exercise can literally cure diseases like some forms of heart disease. Exercise has been implicated in helping people prevent or recover from some forms of cancer. Exercise helps people with arthritis. Exercise helps people prevent and reverse depression.”

Working-out, hitting the gym or running are all proven signs of mental therapy that release hormones such as Oxytocin, which make you overall a better person. But there are times, when we don’t feel like proceeding with a workout routine, or feel that we are not giving our best to our workouts. It’s when we need some extrinsic motivational factors that can help us get back on our feet.

Here is advice from experts that can keep you motivated.

Stick on a Routine:

“Routine is everything,” says personal trainer and fitness expert Stefanie Williams. “Plan your day like you would if you were leaving the house to go to work and structure in regular tasks. Once it’s written down it’s always easier to stick to, the track and field athlete states. Put this somewhere you can see it every day and tick the days off as you go.”

HOW TO Start EXERCISE? Get Up Earlier:

“Right this minute, go set your alarm and lay out everything you need for your morning workout. Switch on a lamp as soon as your alarm goes off, so you wake up faster”, says Fitness Blogger, Tina Haupert.


A study from the University of North Texas found, and other research has shown that people who exercise in the morning are more likely to stick with their workout than those who exercise later in the day. 

HOW TO Start EXERCISE? Workout With a Friend:

We all know that how difficult it can be to stick to a regular and proper workout routine but if you have a friend that is counting on you to be there, you want to let them down and cancel. Also working out with a friend is fun and you will motivate each other to keep going. If you have a friend that is fitter than you are, you will also challenge yourself to keep up with them.


Take Measurements:

Take measurements before you start your exercise program and then continue to take them every month. This way you can properly track if you are losing inches or gaining inches in the place you want. Write everything down or even take pictures, so you always have a reference for your progress.


It’s not rocket science to know. Start doing some outdoor activities sports or jogging. Know your strength and stamina. Start bodyweight exercises first like push up, chin up, free squats, planks. After that move to weights. And you are on track. It would take just 2–3 months to form a good base for weight training in the future.