Fat reduction from the thigh is time-consuming, not easy. It is a common happening among most females. Being generic, somebody whose mom or granny had thigh fat, there is a great possibility that thigh fat may continue with generation.

Like every other part of the body susceptible to fat gain, certain exercises are directed towards shedding the fat around the thigh region but some exercises would work through the body as well as help with fat loss in the thigh.

Hard to slim legs? Want to get a thigh gap? In this blog, we have listed exercises that will help you burn thigh fat.

Leg Up

Start by lying down on the floor, facing towards the ceiling. Make sure your palms are on the sides. Now relax and lift both the legs at a 30-degree angle from the ground. Continue for about seven seconds. Bring the legs forward to the floor slowly. Repeat fifteen times.

Leg Stretch

Sit straight with your legs joined and stretched and gently move the legs apart as distant as you can. Inhale as you bend right to move the toes of the right foot with both your hands. Attempt to touch the knees with your head. Relax and hold for about seven seconds. Follow this method for the left side too.

Air Cycling

Start by lying on your back and face the ceiling. Raise your legs to 90 degrees and start moving them as if you are cycling in the forward direction. Do this for 50 seconds and then slowly put your legs down and relax. Follow the same method and start air cycling in the backward direction. Repeat the set about seven times.


Stand upright with your feet about 4 cm apart and hold light weights in each hand. Step forward with your right leg and bend your left leg to develop a “proposing” position. Follow the same method with the left leg. Repeat the set about ten times.

Trace The Alphabets

Start by lying down on the back and face the ceiling. Lift your right leg and start tracing A-Z in the air. Follow the same method with the left leg. Make sure to breathe and relax in between.

Scissor Kick

Start by lying on the mat and hold your head up by placing the palms behind your head. Lift your leg gently and keep both legs straight. Move them apart vertically, bring them together, and move them apart again. Follow the same method with the other leg and repeat it fifteen times at least.


Shedding stubborn thigh fat takes time, and no matter whatever fat you’re planning to lose, there is no short cut method to achieve it without following a proper workout routine. Apart from exercise, diet, and lifestyle also plays a great role. Make sure you focus on healthy practices while losing total body fat, your legs and thighs will automatically get toned up.