As a physically, mentally, and socially healthy activity, running is regularly enjoyed by millions of people. To get started, all you need is a good pair of running shoes and the desire to step out the door and do it.

Heather Wilson-Philips, a Toronto-based holistic fitness and wellness expert, gives some general tips to think about when purchasing a running shoe: “When looking for a great running shoe it is important to find a shoe that gives you enough room around your toes; this allows your toes to spread out naturally as you run. Also, a shoe that is lightweight, but also offers proper cushioning and stabilizing features throughout the entire shoe is very important.”

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Running shoes simply feel and fit right out of the box. You do not break running shoes.
  • Before you leave the store learn about lacing options with your shoes – different lacing patters can fine-tune the fit.
  • Your heel should not ride up and down as you run.
  • Know that your toes need a room. Take the insert out of the shoe and put your foot on it – if the foot juts the insert the size is too small.
  • Your shoes should be flexible enough to move your feet.
  • Walking is not running. Any store worth its reputation will allow you to go outside and run a bit – maybe 100 meters or more. 

Morgan Rees, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a degree in kinesiology (the mechanics of body movements), says that running shoes are made mechanically to support your ankles and hips during and after your run. “Many people choose shoes based off of how they feel when they walk around the store or even their aesthetic design,” she says, “when really they should be looking at shoes made to support the spreading of their feet as they run.”

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